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7 Keys to Internet Business Success

7 Keys to Internet Business Success

Congratulations on your decision to start a home internet business. I know you’re excited and can’t wait to get started!

You’re ready to get to the good stuff and start making money…

Take it easy for a second though, and relax. There are some important steps that you need to take before you get going with your internet business. These steps are mandatory to setting up a legitimate business.

1. Let’s talk about taxes and legal responsibilities. If you are planning on making money, and running a real business on-line, then you’ve got to follow the tax rules, like it or not.

You can’t plead ignorance to the IRS and expect any sympathy from them!

There are 3 basic business structures: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, or Corporation. Each one offers different tax advantages and legal considerations.

Research each on-line or talk to a good tax attorney to decide which one is best for you. You’ll need to establish one of these structures for your business. You can often do all the paperwork online.

2. Depending on what structure you have picked from above, you may need to file a DBA (Doing Business As). Check out your local laws.

You can do this by searching your state’s business set-up guidelines on any of the search engines.

3. File a Tax Identification Number. Also something else you will have to do, again depending on the structure you picked from above.

4. Set up a business bank account. You will want to keep all of your business transactions separate from your personal.

Keep the IRS Happy

The IRS frowns (you want them smiling, not frowning) upon those who don’t have separate accounts. Besides, it will make doing your taxes, and tracking your income and expenses so much easier.

5. Set up an e-mail address using your business name.

6. Website. You will need a good one that will get you lots of hits and that the search engines love.

If your customers can’t find you, you won’t sell anything. We’ll talk a lot more about this in our article Great Website Secrets Revealed.

7. Wait – no matter how tempting it is, do not pick out your web-site domain name yet! You might have thought of something very catchy and cute – but will the search engines love it?

Picking the right domain name is critical, so whatever you do, don’t do it yet until you read our Great Website Secrets Revealed.

By now you may be saying, “I know there are tons of people running businesses out there who haven’t bothered to do all of this, and aren’t paying any taxes either!”

Yes, there probably are people out there doing all kinds of things…But our mission is to help you set up an honest to goodness Real Legitimate Online Internet Business.

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